Tanks in the automobile industry

Liquid Vapor Separator (LVS)

LPW automotive container
Typical applications for tanks within the automobile industry concern the fuel, oil, and water systems. Leister adapts the welding technique to suit the requirements of the application concerned. The Liquid Vapor Separator (LVS) relies on the GLOBO welding technique. Both the outer edge of the housing and the bars and pillars on the inside are welded onto the cover. However, these have different heights due to the nature of the manufacturing process. With GLOBO optics, these tolerances can be easily bridged and constant pressure can be ensured. Bar height tolerances can also be bridged using the quasi-simultaneous welding technique. All the welded bars are heated almost simultaneously and this results in a melt path. This path can be integrated into the process for quality control purposes. Consequently, the oil filter can be welded so that it is completely tight.

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