Interior components in the automotive industry

Dashboard / head-up display

Laser Plastic Welding Interior
Laser-welded plastic components are becoming increasingly common inside modern vehicles. In the context of the dashboard, in particular, components such as instrument panels and head-up displays are already being laser-welded in many cases. Leister adapts the joining technique to suit the application concerned. The instrument panel shown in the figure is welded using the quasi-simultaneous technique. This is because of its size, which means that component tolerances have to be compensated with a melt path. 

Head-up display

Head-up displays use a thick yet flexible piece of film as an optical element for the purpose of relaying information to the windshield. In this case, the GLOBO welding technique is used, as the low level of heat input prevents the film from being exposed to any stress. In addition, the GLOBO technique is flexible and can be used on various types.

LPW_applications_automotive_headup set
Head-up display


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