DOE welding


Laser Plastic Welding DOE

Special optical components known as diffractive optical elements (DOE) can be tailored to the specific laser welding process. These optical units are used with various techniques, from contour and quasi-simultaneous welding right through to simultaneous welding. They change the shape of a spot laser beam in order to produce a power density distribution that is suitable for the application concerned.

The abbreviation DOE stands for "diffractive optical element". A DOE is an optical component that adjusts the shape of a spot laser beam so that it follows a contour. A DOE can also be used to adapt the power density distribution along this contour in accordance with the requirements. These kinds of optical elements are used for more complex welding geometries in simultaneous welding or for optimized power density distribution in contour and quasi-simultaneous welding.

Thus, DOEs are tailored to the task at hand and must be calculated and simulated in advance. They are designed to affect only one particular wavelength. Therefore, the wavelength of the laser used in the application should be known. Although manufacturing DOEs is a complex process, they can be easily integrated into our optics.

Characteristics and applications 
• Simultaneous mapping of complex structures
• Power density distribution can be tailored to the contour
• Contours can be calculated and simulated
• Can be easily integrated into standard optics