Laser welding of medical devices in the medical engineering industry

Drug delivery system

Some of the comforts that we enjoy as part of modern life stem from the development of medical devices.
Drug delivery systems (sometimes referred to as "drug dosing systems") assist patients by administering their medication constantly. Their increasingly compact design makes them comfortable to wear. One example is the Rowe-Pump, a physically powered pump that can be set to different dosages. The components are required to withstand an internal pressure of up to 4 bar. The welds must be completely free of particles, not least because of the stringent hygiene requirements associated with the device (which is used in direct contact with the patient) and the integrated micro-channels with diameters in the >10 μm range. The laser welding process allows these requirements to be met.
Laser plastic welding medical devices

Insulin Pen

Drug delivery systems for diabetics are another example of a wide-ranging field within medical engineering. The insulin pen from Ypsomed is laser welded at several points using both simultaneous and contour welding.

Laser plastic welding Servopen
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    Various focal distances and focus diameters. Key Performance monitoring, Fiber connection monitoring and Optional pyrometer
    Laser component Spot optic AT
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    Performance monitoring, fiber connection monitoring, optional pyrometer, no moving axles required, F-Theta lenses for different working f...
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