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Hospital technology products are subject to the strictest hygiene requirements. They are frequently disinfected, i.e., treated with chemical agents or cleaned with cleaning agents. Hand-held controls for operating the adjustment mechanisms on hospital beds are regularly disinfected and cleaned in a washer. The components are welded using the contour technique and must be able to withstand the cleaning intervals concerned. The internal electronic components must be protected from the cleaning agents and so the welds have to be completely tight.



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Laser Optics AT
  • Spot Optic AT

    Various focal distances and focus diameters. Key Performance monitoring, Fiber connection monitoring and Optional pyrometer
    Laser component Spot optic AT
  • Scanner Optic AT

    Performance monitoring, fiber connection monitoring, optional pyrometer, no moving axles required, F-Theta lenses for different working f...
    Laser component Spot optic AT
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