Clamping concepts

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In addition to the process parameters of laser power, speed, and the number of welding cycles, contact in the joining plane also plays a crucial role in ensuring successful welding. This contact is required to transfer heat from the absorbent component to the transparent one and it is achieved with a clamping device (SPV).

In the case of the NOVOLAS WS-AT, there are two different sizes to choose from:
  • SPV 150 V2 
  • SPV 250 V2 

The clamping devices can be flexibly arranged according to the application
A component holder is attached to the drawer using posi-tioning pins and its counterpart is fitted in the pull-out clamping frame. There is an important distinction to be made between the use of a clamping glass or a clamping frame, which varies according to the application:

  • With the clamping glass, pressure is applied directly over the welding seam. This directs the force into the joining plane in the optimum manner. 
  • If there is a risk that the surface of the plastic could heat up excessively during the welding process, a metallic frame can also be used for clamping. 

This is placed next to the welding seam and directs the force toward the welding seam from this offset position. There are two categories involved here: the outer and the inner clamping frame. Both are possible, as is a combination of the two

Leister Laser Plastic Welding SPV