Roller Optic

  • Laser component Roller optic Laser component Roller optic

  • Localized pneumatic pressure without additional clamping device
  • Equalized pressure distribution by pivoting roller
  • Different body configurations
  • Line width range 3 – 30 mm
  • Single- or double-sided bearing-mounted
Optional component for NOVOLAS: 
  • WS-AT
  • BASIC AT Compact
Leister’s portfolio of laser systems is rounded off by a multitude of accessory parts co-ordinated with the systems. With these accessory components developed for various applications and requirements, the systems can be optionally equipped according to customer specifications. For Mask welding, apart from the special line lasers, masks are also offered which can be individually manufactured according to customer specifications. Special clamping devices and customer-specific optics belong to Leister’s performance spectrum.