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Custom optics with integrated optical beam shaping is one of the subareas handled by our Optics Team. The first step is to use optical simulation software to dimension the optical components in response to the application inquiry. The second step is to test the results of the dimensioning process. Then comes the third and final step, which involves coming up with the design for the optics and customizing the housing in line with the function being performed. 
  • Simulate beam shaping
  • Dimension optics
  • Make customizations to standard optics 

In the case of the LineBeam product, for example, additional optical elements have been integrated for welding particularly small components. The optical system collimates the beam that is being emitted at a slight angle, thereby making it easier to calculate the mask during mask welding.

By way of a further example, the following case provides details of how two optical systems were combined so that two rings could be focused on an inaccessible point using a mirror. In addition, the entire process undergoes selective monitoring with a pyrometer. ¨

Double optic