• Leister Laser Plastic Welding Novolas WS_AT_TTS Leister Laser Plastic Welding Novolas WS_AT_TTS

The NOVOLAS TTS is an all-in-one integrated system for laser welding of plastics. The laser unit and the processing cell are separated from each other and can be set up in a space optimized manner at the production site. Despite the small processing cell the operation or welding plane has dimensions of 100 x 100 mm.

The NOVOLAS TTS is controlled by a Mini PLC and programmed by a Leister developed HMI (Human Machine Interface) Software. The HMI handles transfer of process relevant parameters to the system and storage within a project structure. The welding contour is programmed in a CNC-code while other parameters such as laser power and welding speed can easily be set within the HMI.

Once implemented, the system runs autonomously. Input components like mouse and keyboard can be removed from the system in production. If necessary external access is possible via remote desktop.
  • Swiss made
  • Compact and efficient laser welding system
  • Economical solution for production
  • Flexible application range focused on production
  • Comprehensive and intuitive HMI
  • Laser safety class 1 compliant

Attribute Unit Value
Laser type Diode laser, air-cooled
Beam shape Spot
Laser Power W 40 (max.)
Pilot laser LED
Processing area mm 100 x 100
Max travel speed mm/s 200
Max. clamping force N 2350
Air pressure bar 6
Operating interface Embedded PLC for process control of laser and axes
Dimensions processing cell (L x W x H) mm 500 x 585 x 525
Dimensions Basic AT compact (L x W x H) mm 550 x 500 x 325
Weight processing cell kg ~ 65
Weight Basic AT compact kg ~ 35
Mains voltage V ~ 100 – 240
Max. current consumption A 10
Frequency Hz 50/60
Cable length between the modules mm 2000
Control interface Leister HMI
Conformity mark

Basic AT compact