• Leister Laser Plastic Welding Novolas WS_AT Leister Laser Plastic Welding Novolas WS_AT

  • Turnkey laser system for all laser-welding concepts  
  • Comprehensive and intuitive human machine interface  
  • Use of multiple laser and optic modules per system increase throughput and efficiency  
  • Online process control integrated in system control  
  • Modular design for customisation  
  • Easy to integrate into existing transfer systems

The NOVOLAS WS-AT is an all-modular, all-purpose system. It contains all components necessary for processing and is ready for connection of all options. You can therefore select any additional components necessary and useful for your process.

Attribute Unit Value
Laser type diode laser, fiber laser
Beam shape Spot or line
Laser Power W Fiber-coupled up to 300, LineBeam up to 600
Line length inch 7 lengths 0.708 - 3.74 inch in LineBeam possible
Operating interface IPC control for laser, axes and process control
Multi laser Two laser modules per system possible
Pilot laser mW < 3
Line voltage V~ 100-240 for air-cooled lasers
Line voltage V~ 200–240 for water-cooled lasers
Frequency Hz 50 / 60
Max. current consumption A 16
Compressed air connection bar 6
Cooling °F water/air cooled, depending on configuration, exhaust air max. 131 °C
Environement conditions °F 59 - 104 cooled up to 95
Weight lbs approx. 880 (depending on configuration)
Laser class 1, 2 / 2M
Conformity mark

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