Application Lab

Development of processes and techniques

Service and Support Laser plastic welding

In the development of processes and techniques, we acquire all the relevant parameters and define the process window for you. Our expertise helps you test components and assess welding quality. And with our advice you can integrate the laser welding system into your production plant within a short time and with few attempts.

  • Determination of the process window for all the relevant parameters 
  • Component testing and assessment of welding quality 
  • Integration of the process into the production environment
Manufacture of prototypes and small series

We are also there for you if you do not have suitable infra-structure at your disposal: We can manufacture prototypes and small series for you in our applications laboratory. We offer you a comprehensive job shop service – at our com-pany or at one of our partner companies. Put us to the test.

  • Manufacture of prototypes 
  • Pre-series and small series production 
  • Job shop service from Leister and its partner companies


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