Material tests

Leister Technologies Quality Control
We can also help you assess whether a particular plastic is suitable for your laser welding process. In this context, we are able to choose from multiple options that can facilitate analysis depending on the nature of the plastic and application concerned:
  • Spectral analysis
  •  Dispersion
  • Thin sections
  • Microscopy
  • Tensile tests 
In plastic laser welding, the optical properties of the plastics play a crucial role in determining the welding quality. The naked eye cannot always detect the transparency of the component that you intend to expose to the radiation. However, a spectral analysis will reveal whether the optical properties of the plastics concerned are appropriate. 

Depending on the type of plastic and its filler materials, it may also be worth analyzing the dispersion in the material. This involves measuring how the intensity of the radiation is distributed after it penetrates the sample component. 


To examine or determine the suitability of the welding seam strength at the end of the welding process, additional investigations must be carried out. Thin sections allow you to focus on the heat-affected zone of the weld. A very thin section is removed from a sample at right angles to the welding seam and then examined microscopically. 


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