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Our Customer Support Team offers a range of services so that your laser welding systems continue to run cost-effectively and efficiently over the long term. The services are perfectly designed to accommodate every need. They are modular and each one has a different focus – to ensure that the right process runs efficiently according to the level of urgency.

Leister Laser Plastic Welding Service
Focus: system
Services that are geared toward the system. These aim to keep the system as a whole capable of fulfilling its intended purpose. They include:
  • Global availability and efficient supply of spare parts
  • Transparent handling of repairs together with suppli-ers
  • Preliminary acceptance in-house, commissioning and acceptance at the customer's site
  • Preventive maintenance, inspection, calibration, plus – on request –regular service visits
  • General overhaul and modernization of the system, updating and upgrading of components

Focus: production
In the case of these services, the system is viewed from the perspective of overall production. The priority is to maintain operation and minimize production downtimes.
  • Help desk for telephone support in the event of faults available on +41 41 662 74 54 (1st level support)
  • Technical support for more detailed analyses (2nd level support) with R&D (3rd level support)
  • Dispatch of a service technician in an emergency
  • Remote access for telediagnosis and corrections
  • Express delivery of spare parts if urgently required
  • Used part replacement service including return of the old parts 
  • Production support for problems during operation, following commissioning, or in the event of new operators
Leister Laser Plastic Welding Service
Focus: customer
These services are designed to help you achieve a high level of production efficiency with the system – in a cost-effective manner and throughout the entire service life of the system.
  • Maintenance contracts with defined services and response times
  • Training courses that impart theoretical and practical specialized knowledge concerning operation, upkeep, set-up, calibration, and spare parts, etc.
  • Proposal for a bespoke basic package containing spare parts for new systems so that all essential components are available at short notice
  • Handling of all machine relocation tasks, from shut-down to recommissioning

Our Customer Support Team will be happy to provide you with any supplementary information about the services

Leister Laser Plastic Welding Service


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