Civil engineering applications

Safe and ergonomic welding of plastic membranes with Leister

Plastic Welding Civil Engineering Tools
In civil engineering, tunneling, and disposal applications, the quality of the sealing system is the top priority. Any leaks can have fatal consequences. Therefore, it is incredibly important that the processing quality fulfills extremely stringent requirements. Not only the material itself and the processor are responsible for this – in large part, so is the tool used to carry out the work. Leister tools not only facilitate incredibly precise welding, they also stand out from the crowd thanks to their ergonomics. They can be relied on, no matter where in the world they are used.

Building industry

Sealing of buildings and structures in the groundwater sector with Leister

In order to prevent groundwater from penetrating a finished structure, the foundation is protected by a sealing system consisting of plastic geomembranes as a preventive measure. Leister tools are employed all over the world to join the individual sheets of HD-PE, PP, PVC or TPO material used for this purpose.

The lightweight and flexible ASTRO, TWINNY, and COMET wedge and combi-wedge welders feature special nozzles, hot wedges, and pressure rollers, which double-weld the overlapping sheets. After welding, the testing needle and compressed air are used to check the tightness of the test channel which has just been created. Vertical and horizontal work can be performed on walls with the lightweight and flexible TRIAC DRIVE AT automatic welders. Water bars are thus welded easily and economically. Leister offers the EXAMO for inspecting test strips. The tightness of the seams or of entire sectors can be checked using the VACUUM BOX and vacuum bell. Leister offers a wide range of hand-held extruders for welding connections and details.

  • Lap welding of geomembranes in civil engineering
  • Welding seam quality which can be inspected
  • Horizontal and vertical welding
  • Welding of details

Leister has the solution

Leister offers various wedge and combi-wedge welders for welding HD-PE, PP, PVC or TPO materials. Welding seam tensiometers improve safety. A broad spectrum of different extrusion welders and hand welding tools completes the range.

  • Efficient welding with machines for lap welding with a test channel
  • Extrusion welders for the extrusion welding of connections and details
  • Tensiometers for checking the tensile load and tightness
  • Recording of data with a USB memory system
  • Wide range of hand welding tools and accessories