Leister Product Support

Effort is worthwhile in any case

Leister Plastic Welding - Service and Support
In addition to repairs, Leister distribution partners also offer some very impressive service options. Customers can have their tools inspected and overhauled during the off-season. In the Northern Hemisphere, this might be during the winter, for example, when no roof covering or landfill construction work is carried out. 

Once the equipment has been in use for a certain amount of time, it is definitely worth having it serviced. Although Leister tools already offer an above-average service life, preventative maintenance can help make your machine's service life considerably longer. Of course, only Leister genuine parts are used for service work as well. All work is carried out by the distribution partners' qualified personnel. Each of these has been trained in Switzerland. It is certainly worth contacting your nearest Service Center to inquire about the details.