Repair by Leister

Reliable and competent

Leister Plastic Welding - Service and Repair

Leister tools are used all over the world. They are designed to provide many years of reliable service, even under the most adverse environmental conditions. Of course, such conditions mean that even Leister tools can fail every now and then and so have to be repaired. Should this happen, it is very important for the tool to be repaired in the country of use and for the customer and equipment to be up and running as quickly as possible.
Every official Leister Sales and Service Center also functions as a Repair Center. This is where all the necessary repair and service work is carried out, i.e., at a local level. The personnel are specially trained to ensure that service and repair work is carried out neatly and professionally. The company goes to great lengths to offer the same standard across the globe: The distribution partner's personnel, who have responsibility for the repairs, are trained directly by Leister in Switzerland. It is here that Leister's highly qualified, multilingual support personnel pass on their know-how to course participants from all over the globe. Leister's Service and Repair Centers are regularly audited and certified by Leister. Naturally, genuine spare parts are always used when carrying out service and repair work. 

Many of Leister's customers are active worldwide and in doing so, they take their equipment with them as they move from site to site. Companies involved in landfill and tunnel construction are a good example of this. That is why warranty repairs can be carried out at any Leister Service Center regardless of where the equipment was originally purchased.

The fast response time, high standard of training, internal spare parts stores—containing genuine parts and optimum repair tools―all mean that Leister provides unparalleled service work and repairs.