Heat Recirculation

Save Energy and Money

Large amounts of energy and thus money can be saved by recycling the hot air. LEISTER has customized solutions for combining air heaters and blowers which are suitable for recycling hot air thanks to a design made to withstand high temperatures.

In order to heat a defined volume of air (air volume) to the desired temperature, a certain amount of energy needs to be present. The greater the difference in temperatures ΔT between the air inlet and the air outlet, the more energy that is needed. The ΔT is reduced by operating with hot air recirculation. That Saves Energy and Costs.

To ‘recycle’ the hot air from the process, both the blower and the air heater needed have to withstand the high temperatures at the air inlet side. LEISTER’s double-flange air heaters types LE 5000 DF R and LE 10000 DF-R and the RBR blower provide the solution. Air with a temperature of up to 350°C can be moved, reheated and recirculated without a problem.

When accessories such as insulated hoses, high-temperature seals and various flanges are added, systems with air heaters and blowers become perfectly supplemented for recycling applications.

Hot Air System without Recirculation
Leister Process Heat Prozess mit Heissluftrückführung
Hot Air System with Recirculation