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Leister tools are used across the globe for welding or shrinking plastic. This includes plastic welding applications (roofs, civil engineering, tarpaulins and billboards, plastic fabrication, floors) as well as process heat applications when integrating hot-air technology into a production line.

The range of applications for Leister tools is incredibly diverse. Leister's distribution partners are well trained to answer complex queries about how to use or install its tools. Leister places a great deal of importance on ensuring that customers have access to expert advice at all times wherever they are in the world. This advice is based on the thorough training that the personnel working for Leister's distribution partners receive at the company's head office in Switzerland. Even if customers need solutions for complex process heat configurations, they can still expect to be provided with the right one. If necessary, tests can also be carried out at the in-house application lab in Switzerland with a view to simulating virtually any field situation.   

Leister works together closely with internationally leading material manufacturers and institutions and is involved in various standardization committees. Leister passes the knowledge that it has accumulated on to its distribution partners. In turn, this means that the customer benefits from optimum advice.