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Decades of experience in the processing of plastics and industrial processes make us your ideal partner. We put a lot of resources behind the constant development of new products and the perfection of existing products. The result is that our customers benefit from the best quality, reliability, performance and increased cost effectiveness.

State of the art
Over 40 specialists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and product design develop the technology of the future. They constantly drive continuous innovation, and their achievements have been honored by expert juries many times over. The result is product that stand out because their design is suitable for construction sites and industry.

The research and development department of Leister Technologies AG includes all aspects of advanced product development into their work and implements customer needs early in order to create the technology of tomorrow. All solutions undergo continual load testing at our in-house test benches and are subject to ongoing further optimization. Leister. We know how.

Application Know How

Leister Technologies Production and Controlling
We strive to provide our customers with high product availability. To achieve this goal, we use the latest IT applications for production planning and materials management.

Quality Management

Leister Technologies ISO 9001 Certificate 2016

As an innovative company, Leister has put priority on seamless, transparent quality management since the very beginning. Leister Technologies AG is certified under the strict requirements of ISO 9001 Norm. The processes are continually modified and improved to meet criteria relevant to quality. The results are products that enjoy a veritable good reputation worldwide and that perform their service even under the harshest of external circumstances.

ISO 9001:2016 Certificate

Product Inspection and Certification

Leister Technologies AG ISO 9001:2008 Certificate

Our products are constructed and developed in compliance with national and internationally valid norms and standards. Product norms (e.g., ISO, IEC, EN or UL norms) are included just as much as application related standards and guidelines. 

Trust is good, but monitoring is better!
In the interests of our customers' safety and security, we have our products tested by accredited, independent third parties, thus verifying their compliance with the applicable regulations. The products are certified based on these tests and quite rightly bear the associated safety marks (e.g., the Swiss safety mark or UL listing mark) and/or marks of conformity (e.g., CE marking). Only those companies which permit regular inspections following the initial testing receive certificates. During factory inspections, which take place unannounced up to four times a year, the inspectors make sure that products are being manufactured in compliance with the test samples. It goes without saying that we always keep all certificates and declarations of conformity so they are available for our customers. 

Supply Chain Management

Leister Technologies Production Montage
We strive to provide our customers with high product availability. To achieve this goal, we use the latest IT applications for production planning and materials management.

Components and assemblies are predominantly procured from Switzerland and its neighboring countries. The quality of purchased parts is ensured thanks to careful selection of suppliers and periodic on-site audits.

The value-added chain at Leister Technologies AG builds upon a high degree of vertical integration whereby key assemblies – which are the basis of the Leister quality standard – are manufactured in-house. Leister's core competencies include the manufacture of electric motors, the fitting of heating elements (including winding resistance wires), and the production of standard and customer-specific nozzles.

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