Innovation and Technology


Leister Technologies AG is the technology leader in its market segments.

Our core technologies - hot air, extrusion, laser and infrared - are crucial for the long-term success of our customers and Leister Technologies AG. Experts from our R&D department and the customer-focused, product management team work closely together to continuously develop our product portfolio.

Research and development

Decades of experience in joining plastics and in industrial process heat make us a qualified partner. New products are developed and existing products are optimized with lots of passion and close coordination with our customers. Our customers benefit from the highest quality, reliability, innovation and care.

Innovation drives us

15% of our employees work in research and development. Our specialists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and product design develop the products and solutions of tomorrow. Forward-thinking technologies are established early on and taken into account in product development, thanks to our focus on customer needs. All solutions are tested and continuously optimized. This results in products that can withstand the rough conditions on construction sites, but are also characterised by an industrial design and state-of-the-art technology.

Progress through digital transformation

We proactively counter disruptive market changes. Our "Digital Transformation Team" develops and establishes holistic customer solutions.

With the myLeister platform we enable our customers to have the most positive experiences. From network connected Leister equipment to new services and training from the Leister Academy. Existing processes are made more efficient and access to specialists, personal information and services is simplified. For example, with the "Leister Quality System" (LQS), which digitizes the welding report that was previously carried out manually. It transfers the welding data recorded by the Leister device into an automatically generated document, using the myLeister app.

With the continuous expansion of the Leister-IoT product portfolio and networked devices, we simplify access to technology and create new Leister standards.

We meet worldwide norms and standards

Our products are designed and developed according to national and international norms and standards. Product standards, such as ISO, IEC, EN or UL standards, are taken into account, as well as application-related standards and guidelines.
In addition, our products are tested by accredited, independent third party bodies. Based on these tests, the products are certified and bear the safety stamps, like the Swiss safety mark, the UL Listing Mark and/or the CE mark. These certificates are only issued if regular checks are permitted. Within the scope of unannounced audits, inspectors ensure that production is in accordance with the test sample.

Leister patents and designs

Leister engineers are continuously developing the existing Leister and Axetris product portfolio in close cooperation with product managers and product designers.
The focus is on the needs of the worldwide clientele from different industry sectors.

Around 140 inventions resulting in patents or utility models have emerged from decades of experience in research and development. Over 560 nationalized patents have already been granted.
More than 50 designs have been created, resulting in over 380 designs being registered.
Leister has been setting standards worldwide for several decades and is regarded as a benchmark for quality, user-friendliness and innovation.

Leister patents and designs in figures

  • More than 140 inventions filed for patent or utility model protection
  • Around 560 patents granted in 20 countries
  • More than 50 designs created
  • Over 380 designs registered


Offering the right solution