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Shrinking with Process Heat

Professional Shrinking with Leister

Leister Process Heat components are used in various applications within the Food & Beverage industry.

Instead of having a label applied to them, individual bottles are often wrapped in a decorative shrink-on hose, which, in this case, is referred to as a "sleeve." This sleeve may only cover a portion of the bottle, or may extend across the entire height. Another typical application is the use of shrink film to create a pack of multiple bottles or cans. Shrink-on caps are placed over wine bottle closures (screw tops or corks) to protect them against dirt or for decorative purposes. When these preformed caps are exposed to hot air, a uniform, tight fit is achieved around the neck of the bottle and closure.

The following materials are commonly used for shrink films, depending on the application: polyolefins (PP and PE), PET, and PVC.

Sleeve Shrinking
Labels and lettering are applied quickly and efficiently with hot air.
Hot-air components can shrink caps in a uniform fashion with ease.
Full Body Shrinking
Even complex forms can be used, thanks to Process Heat technology.
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Activating with Process Heat

  • Clean
  • Safe
  • Good control characteristics
  • Dry (no moisture-laden gases)
  • Requires no gas infrastructure
  • No leakage hazard
  • Can be used in closed spaces
  • No explosion hazard
  • Particle emissions
  • Controlled process
  • No oxidation
  • /
  • /
Vacuum forming with Process Heat
Sterilizing and Pasteurizing with Process Heat
Shrinking with Hot Air
Food & Beverage Applications
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