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Soldering Iron Kit

Safe soldering with TRIAC AT soldering iron kit

The TRIAC AT heat gun with soldering iron kit consists of a pointed soldering iron, soldering iron blank, soldering iron adapter and equipment stand. It's Leister's safe and environmentally friendly solution for electric soldering copper, zinc and chromium steel with hot air. Unlike soldering with a gas flame, the temperature of the soldering iron can be set precisely and individually, eliminating any risk of fires. With the soldering iron kit, the TRIAC AT becomes a multi-use tool, offering users the ability to solder and plastic weld with one tool.

For difficult external conditions such as wind and dust, metal soldering with the TRIAC AT is the perfect alternative to gas flame soldering. For example, the soldering iron kit is ideal for soldering zinc and copper gutters, joining roof ends and more.

The pointed copper soldering iron is easily mounted to the heating tube on the TRIAC AT with the adapter. The supplied copper soldering iron blank can be individually shaped to suit the desired application. Thus, the TRIAC AT with soldering iron kit is the safe and environmentally friendly solution from Leister for soldering zinc, copper and chrome steel.

Easy to mount

Soldering iron kit with adapter – easy to mount


Regulated electronics for precise soldering


Stable, thanks to the device stand

Soldering Iron Kit – Unique Advantages

Soldering Iron Kit

  • Increased safety
  • Precise soldering, even with dust and wind
  • Metals do not become too hot, thanks to the adjustable temperature
  • Environmentally friendly, eliminating the cost (and use) of gas
  • Practical accessories: simple addition to existing TRIAC AT 1600W
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Safe soldering with TRIAC AT soldering iron kit
Safe soldering with TRIAC AT soldering iron kit
Safe soldering with TRIAC AT soldering iron kit
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Soldering Iron Kit Tutorial Videos

  • Customized tip and fume hood for soldering
  • Checking the weld quality
  • Coating the tin soldering iron
  • Lead rag soldering
  • Soldering shaped piece
  • Assembling the soldering kit
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