MINIFLOOR - Product Description

MINIFLOOR makes more out of your TRIAC!

The automatic welder for your hot-air hand tool is an afford-able and reliable choice for flooring pros in small- to medium-sized projects.

The MINIFLOOR turns your hot-air hand tool into an automatic welder within seconds.

This increases the weld quality, facilitates work and reduces time considerably. Its use is worthwhile from weld lengths of 1.20 m/4 feet, and thanks to its lightweight design of 5.3 kg/12 lbs., the MINIFLOOR can be effortlessly transported.

The MINIFOOR is ideal for short joints and small projects.


From your hot-air hand tool into an automatic welder within seconds!


Almost twice as fast as manual welding!

lightweight and ergonomic!

With a light weight design of 6.6 kg / 15 lbs. (incl. TRIAC AT), it is easy to transport!

MINIFLOOR Drive Unit - The Video
MINIFLOOR Drive Unit - Product USP

From hand welding to automatic welding: MINIFLOOR – efficient and affordable for everyone!

  • The only automatic welder with the possibility of connecting a hot-air hand tool in the simplest manner.
  • Worthwhile from weld lengths of 1.20 m/4 feet.
  • Swiss quality you can rely on.
  • Due to (51 mm/2 inches) minimum distance from the wall, there is only one required joint along the weld seam, and THAT saves time!
  • Weighing in at 6.6 kg / 15 lbs. (incl. TRIAC AT / nozzles) the MINIFLOOR is a lightweight and easily transportable solution.
  • Outstanding precision along the joint line.
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MINIFLOOR Drive Unit - Technical Data
Voltage V~ 100 - 230 100 120 230
Frequency Hz 50/60 50/60
Power W 5 1600
Temperature, steplessly adjustable °C 40 – 620
Air Flow % 20 – 100
Drive, steplessly adjustable m/min 0.5 - 4.5 0.5 – 4.5
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 310 × 225 × 245 495 × 225 × 295
Weight kg 5.3

6.6 (incl. Nozzles)

Mark of Conformity Icon CE Certificate Icon CE Certificate
Protection Class I Icon Protection Class I Icon Protection Class I
Buy the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit now! Buy the MINIFLOOR drive unit with TRIAC AT now!
MINIFLOOR Drive Unit in action
MINIFLOOR Drive Unit in action.
MINIFLOOR Drive Unit in use at the Swiss Railway (SBB).
MINIFLOOR Drive Unit in use at the Swiss Railway (SBB).
Due to its compact low height, the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit welds even under pre bench frames.
Versatile - the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit with dereeler.
Welding close to the edge - MINIFLOOR Drive Unit without dereeler.
Seamless welding directly from the wall is a breeze with the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit.
Leister. We know how.
Short Videos


  • How to attach a hand tool, the hand tool is just as easily re-moved and can be used immediately.
  • How to adjust the MINIFLOOR guide bar.
  • Speed Comparison: Manual verses automatic welding―The MINIFLOOR Drive Unit is the clear winner.
  • Seamless weld with the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit.
  • MINIFLOOR Drive Unit—close to the edge made easy.
  • Welding with the MINIFLOOR Drive Unit (without dereeler) beneath objects with height restrictions (295 mm / 12 inches minimum clearance).
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