Ярмарка вакансий в Leister (онлайн)


Ежегодно перед выпускниками школ встает вопрос о том, по какой специальности выбрать профессиональное образование.

In order to inform you and your parents about various vocational trainings, we organize career fair at Leister AG in Kaegiswil annually. It usually takes place on a Saturday in the month of February.

For students graduating from high school in 2023

All students graduating in 2023 and their parents are invited. Erika Windlin, Head of Training at Leister AG, is looking forward to numerous registrations. Because it is often at this event that the course is set for later career choices and an apprenticeship at Leister.


When: Saturday 19 February 2022
Time: 09.00 - 12.00
Where: Live stream from Kägiswil with Q&A session in chat.

Interview with Patricia Egli,
Vocational and career consultant,
Office for Vocational Education Canton Obwalden

Apprenticeships at Leister AG

Apprentices and trainers present the basic training of the total of 6 apprenticeships at Leister to the participants:

  • Businessman / Businesswoman EFZ
  • EFZ design engineer
  • Electronics technician EFZ
  • EFZ Logistics Technician
  • EFZ Polymechanic
  • EFZ Production Mechanic