Save 50% Electricity when Thermoforming – is that Possible?


Plastic components are thermoformed in many sectors of the plastics processing industry. Be smart and keep an eye on your operating costs, because there are huge savings to be made here. What should you look for when buying a sheet-fed machine? Learn more in this white paper.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG, Switzerland

Since electricity prices in Europe have reached record highs and all we hear and read about are electricity shortages, everyone is talking about saving electricity. And this applies not only to us but also to manufacturers and users in the plastics processing industry. When thick-walled plastics are molded on sheet-fed machines, a timed process is used. And it is precisely here that major savings could be achieved.

Leister experts Oliver Hinz, Senior Product Manager IH, and Silvio Conti, Technology Infrared Manager, have analyzed which requirements infrared heaters in sheet-fed machines must meet in order to take advantage of these savings potentials. They share their findings and calculations with you in this white paper.

  • 概要
  • 熱成形入門
  • 熱成形加工の各工程
  • 熱成形のための赤外線ヒーター
  • 省エネの可能性
  • 省エネの計算例
  • 経済効率性の計算
  • 工程管理における時間管理と温度管理
  • 金属箔ヒーターとセラミックヒーターのメリットとデメリット
  • 結論