La microtecnología de Axetris como salvavidas durante la pandemia de la Corona

Leister Insight2 ago 2021

Axetris se especializa en microtecnología y fabrica fuentes de infrarrojos, entre otras cosas, en su propia sala limpia. Las fuentes de infrarrojos forman parte de los respiradores que se utilizan para los pacientes con coronavirus en los hospitales.

Unknown persons have registered the domain name in the last few days and thus send e-mails in the name of the Leister Group with fraudulent intentions. Furthermore, e-mails with a spoofed sender address ( were sent, which contained very strange-looking requests in the text (CEO Fraud1)

For this reason, we recommend you the following measures:

  • Never respond with "Reply" to emails with such strange-looking content. Always make inquiries via the officially known contact details of the Leister Group. 
  • Checking2 the sender address on incoming emails.
    The correct return addresses for the Leister Group are as follows:
  • Blocking the domain on your firewalls, proxy servers and mail gateways.

We would like to apologize for any inconveniences caused and hope that this information will make a small contribution to the fight against cybercrime.

1 CEO Fraud is a fraud method in which attackers impersonate a CEO, manager or boss and ask recipients to transfer money to a spe-cific account, for example. If the attacker uses email as a means of communication, CEO fraud is a form of business email compro-mise (BEC).

2 Note: It is not possible to reliably check the email address in the sender line because this display can be falsified (address spoofing). The check must be done with a mouseover (up to Office 2016) and for newer versions via "File - Properties".