Laser Plastic Welding of Fluidic Analysis Cassettes

Expertise28 Aug 2023
Laser plastic welding is gaining prominence in the manufacture of fluidic analysis cassettes thanks to its various advantages. In the expert report (whitepaper), Leister laser specialist Carsten Wenzlau explains which laser welding process is best suited for this application and why.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister AG, Switzerland

Covid-19 considerably restricted people’s movements around the world over a long period of time. Yet, the world didn’t stop turning and we adapted to the situation. Developments in medical engineering contributed to a fast diagnosis of health conditions. This required analysis devices that generally used fluidic analysis cassettes, comprising a special body and a sealed cover.

Challenges for fluidic analysis cassette manufacturers

As analysis cassette manufacturers, you are faced with the challenge of hermetically sealing fluidic channel structures, complying with health and safety requirements and producing large part runs quickly.

Laser plastic welding offers many advantages

Laser plastic welding offers you many advantages with a significant influence on meeting the high quality demands of your customers when manufacturing fluidic analysis cassettes:

  • contact-free energy application
  • minimum thermal and mechanical component load
  • simple seam geometry
  • contamination-free component joining
  • process control option
  • high precision and mechanical strength

Whitepaper answers three important questions

In this whitepaper, Leister laser specialist Carsten Wenzlau answers three essential questions about welding micro-fluidic cassettes made of plastic:

  • Which procedure is best suited for laser welding of plastics in industrial mass production?
  • Which laser welding procedure is best suited for complex weld seam design?
  • Which procedure is best suited for precise laser welding for components with different 3D topographies?

As always, you can download the expert report (whitepaper) with detailed answers and plenty of useful information about laser welding of plastics free of charge.

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