Laser Welding of Transparent Plastics

Expertise12 Jun 2024
Laser welding of transparent plastics is a pioneering technology that enables transparent parts to have clean weld seams. Download our free expertise to read more about it, to overcome temperature challenges, and to achieve perfect welds.

Laser welding of transparent plastics is revolutionizing the industry by facilitating precise and clean joints without the addition of absorbers. This innovative method opens up new horizons in various industries, particularly medical technology, where transparency and cleanliness are critical.

Thulium Fiber Lasers as the Key

Thulium fiber lasers with specific wavelengths play a key role here. Despite certain challenges, this technology opens up new fields of application in various sectors.

Applications in Various Industries

Clear-to-clear laser welding is used in medical technology, the food industry, the automotive industry, electronics and optical systems as well as in the packaging industry. It enables the manufacture of precise and clean products in a wide variety of applications, such as the production of microfluidic components.

All things considered, laser welding of transparent plastics is a pioneering technology that not only improves manufacturing processes, but also opens up new possibilities for the design and use of transparent parts.

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  • Introduction
  • Temperature measurement during welding
  • Use of a conventional on-axis pyrometer with modulated laser power
  • Comparison of continuous wave (CW) and pulsed fiber laser @ 1940 nm
  • Conclusion