Noi siamo Leister


Leister Technologies AG sviluppa prodotti e sistemi per la saldatura delle materie plastiche e per le applicazioni di calore di processo industriale. Grazie alle nostre tecnologie come aria calda, laser e infrarosso, unite alla passione per le soluzioni innovative, siamo in grado di influenzare in modo significativo il nostro segmento di mercato e di stabilire degli standard qualitativi mondiali.

Our employees are proud to produce high-quality premium products with strong, reliable performance. Close cooperation with our worldwide customers, sales partners and suppliers is essential for mutual success. Local experts provide sales and service support to our customers in over 100 countries. Eight country subsidiaries and 130 sales and service partners guarantee our worldwide presence and customer proximity.

Professional and home use

Extrusion welders, blowers and heat guns from Leister are in demand worldwide and in use everywhere to thermally join or form plastics in apparatus and container construction. They impress with their welding consistency and process safety. Applications include 3D printing with an automated extruder on a robotic arm, aquaculture construction and repair or hard plastic boats, inflatable boats, as well as ballast and fresh water tanks made from plastic membranes.


When tunnels or landfills are built, the quality of the welded seam is the top priority. This is because leaks would have fatal consequences for people and the environment. Geomembranes made of PE that are used for the seam must therefore be welded tight in the long term. Welding machines and hot air blowers from Leister are used for this.



Infrared emitters

Infrared heaters from Leister are also used in various industries where fast response times and precise temperature control are required. Typical applications are laminating, thermoforming and riveting.


Laser welding

Leister laser systems are used for customized solutions and for industrial production. Leister has great expertise in the precise, durable and, above all, contamination-free joining of sensitive parts such as fluid-carrying components. Laser systems from Leister are also used for welding housings, for example rear lights of vehicles. Even different materials such as plastic and metal can be permanently joined with Leister lasers. All plastic laser solutions are customized, modular and economical application systems that Leister experts develop together with their customers.


Founded in 1949 as a sole proprietorship, Leister has grown continuously and has developed into a globally present and very successful company. Leister is the market leader in innovative technologies for processing plastics.


  • Karl Leister fonda l'impresa individuale "Karl Leister Elektro-Gerätebau" a Solingen, Germania.


  • L’impresa individuale Leister Process Technologies, insieme alle divisioni Leister e Axetris e alle filiali nazionali, si trasforma in una struttura di gruppo.
  • Fondazione di Leister Technologies AG


  • prodotto Leister intelligente GEOSTAR G7 LQS, con registrazione digitale dei parametri


  • Inizio del processo di trasformazione digitale con l'app myLeister e altri prodotti IoT


  • Inizio dei lavori di costruzione a Sarnen: Ampliamento dell'edificio aziendale e del magazzino per le parti di ricambio, completamente automatizzato
  • Acquisizione di Krelus AG per ampliare il portfolio prodotti Leister con potenti riscaldatori a infrarossi
  • Leister Academy per la formazione specializzata


  • Inizio dell'ampliamento dell'edificio di Sarnen e consolidamento della produzione presso Leister Technologies AG, sempre di Sarnen


  • Lancio della piattaforma web myLeister, con un nuovo servizio clienti digitale

Facts and figures

Here is an overview of the most important facts and figures of our company.


  • 1949 come ditta individuale

Forma giuridica

  • 2011 - una società per azioni


  • una società del Gruppo Leister


  • circa 400 in Svizzera, di cui il 15% è impiegato nella ricerca e nello sviluppo

Quota export

  • 98%


  • Sarnen, Svizzera
  • Shanghai, Cina


  • 8 filiali nazionali in 3 continenti
  • 130 distributori con centri di vendita e assistenza in 100 paesi

Gamma prodotti

  • Componenti, sistemi, dispositivi e macchine

Production and logistics

Our production sites in Switzerland and China are an important part of our value chain. In order to always guarantee high quality, we strive for long-term partnerships throughout the entire supply chain and enter into quality agreements with our suppliers.