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faster, lighter, smarter

Leister Geo-Hot-wedge-welder GEOSTAR
GEOSTAR hot-wedge welder
Wedge welding redefined: Leister's new GEOSTAR welders change the civil engineering landscape.This mid-size, lightweight welder boasts a robust, cast aluminum frame for quality welding of geomembranes. The GEOSTAR also features a unique digital display with all key weld parameters: heat, speed, pressure and supply voltage. The new design makes field servicing a cinch—wedge can be removed and replaced in under a minute. Additional features include: easy loading of material, natural flow of material through the machine and innovative handle ergonomics for easy carry and rest positions. The GEOSTAR is available in two performance classes: the standard GEOSTAR G5 and extended-wedge GEOSTAR G7.
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Gouging tool

Leister GROOVY gouging tool in action
GROOVY Gouging tool
The new “GROOVY” gouging tool is the lightweight, handy tool for the experienced layer of elastic floor coverings made of PVC or linoleum. Its ergonomic shape makes it possible to achieve the desired groove width and depth up to the connecting walls, defined and clean-cut, with little pressure.


Heat Gun - Robust and ergonomic

GHIBLI AW Hot-Air-Tool
The GHIBLI AW is the robust and ergonomic heat gun from Leister. It is particularly suitable for shrinkage in cable manufacturing; for heating, forming and wrapping in the automobile industry; for lap welding of truck sheeting and for deburring plastic parts. The proverbial Leister quality, the technical refinements and the user-friendly design are just a few benefits that even professionals can appreciate.  Additionally, temperature and air volume can be adjusted and inspected easily with the proven and intuitive "e-Drive" operating unit.