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Your learning platform

The Leister Academy promotes the knowledge and professional competence of our customers, sales partners and employees. It offers many exciting activities for different target groups and needs.


Through the Leister Academy, experts convey their specialized knowledge in several languages - both in digital media and in on-site training courses.

Technical training for various product segments

Digital learning with various online media (e-learning, webinars etc.)

Training and development programs

Classroom and digital training programs on various topics

Trainer training programs (Train the Trainer)

Training offers Leister Academy

Register now to gain access or use your login to visit the respective Leister portal. The Leister customer portal is freely accessible to all registered visitors. As a dealer or distributor of Leister, the Partner Portal is also available to you. Here you will find further training offers, for example repair training. As a Leister employee you have direct access to all employee training courses with your personal Leister login.

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from Leister Academy
From feature to training
Quality through targeted knowledge transfer

If information is distributed from development to sales, from sales to the sales partner and from the sales partner to the customer, information begins to get lost within each layer of communication. In order to prevent this, Leister has established the Leister Academy portal as a platform to provide all necessary information to the correct people.

If a product gets a new feature, it is brought to the attention of all interested parties in a webinar and/or in a classroom training at the Academy. This enables our sales and distribution partners to always be up to date and effectively advise their customers. At the same time, customers also have access to the Academy to acquire new knowledge themselves or with the support of Leister specialists.

The new "old" device
Digitalization enables targeted and efficient training

The new Leister products are no longer just a combination of high-quality hardware components, but an interplay of hardware and software. The updates allow customers to keep their Leister products up to date and add new functions themselves.

To make your entry into the digital Leister world as easy as possible, we offer a wide range of training courses with tutorial videos, online training, webinars and in-app explanations.

One of our most important promises
Quality goes beyond the products

Leister produces high quality products. To ensure that our customers can always rely on their products, they must know how to use them correctly. The Leister Academy supports our customers with targeted training courses to ensure products are handled correctly.

When developing new products, the customer needs are our top priority. As soon as the products are finished, the Leister Academy familiarizes our worldwide customers and partners with all necessary information surrounding the new product.