Corporate Responsibility


Our understanding of sustainability is based on the values of our company. We are innovative and responsible.

Leister Technologies is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment. This responsibility propels the company towards sustainable developments in effort to generate long-term, profitable growth. We are guided by the UN Agenda 2030.

Our values

We are convinced that our corporate culture, which is geared towards entrepreneurship and innovation, is the source of our company's competitiveness. Our reputation and the trust placed in us is dependent on the integrity and conduct of each and every one of us. A fair and balanced relationship with our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners is essential. The management of Leister Technologies AG exemplifies the corporate culture, adheres to the Leister Compliance Guidelines and actively supports its employees in their implementation and realization.



Leister Technologies AG ensures quality products and services through self-testing, process monitoring and control with innovative test equipment, as well as with various quality elements in the product design. Every product is tested before delivery.

We are proud of the high quality products and services offered by Leister over last 70 years. At our production site we develop and produce according to the quality management system SN EN ISO 9001.


Health and safety at work

Occupational safety, health and quality of life are essential components of our corporate policy. We promote responsibility for a safe working environment among our employees through information, motivation, training and monitoring. This is to ensure that we meet all applicable, occupational health and safety requirements and comply with the statutory regulations.