Irina Bucher


Apprentice Irina Bucher has been completing a commercial apprenticeship with the Leister Group since February 2019.

In the following interview, she reveals how she ended up at Leister, what she likes about her training and how a typical Leister day is conducted.

Why did you want to do the apprenticeship with the Leister Group?

Because I live in Obwalden, I was naturally familiar with Leister. In addition, I am completing my apprenticeship as a Business English clerk, which is why my focus is naturally on English. Therefore, I was looking for a company that operates internationally and where I can use and improve my learned English on a daily basis. Leister came just in time. An international company and practically on my doorstep.

I sent my application – including curriculum vitae, letter of application and certificates – to Erika Windlin, Head of Training at Leister AG. I quickly had the answer – and fortunately the one I had wished for: I was first invited for a brief introduction and then for a job interview. I'm glad that everything worked out and that I was able to start my training at Leister in February 2019, because that was my greatest wish.

Why did you put your focus on English?

I am doing my training as a "Business English Specialist" at FREI'S Schulen Luzern and as part of this training I did an internship with a charity organisation in London. There, within seven months, I learned to speak English fluently and to write English correspondence. Of course I would like to apply what I have learned now and of course I need this as part of my training.

How does a normal day during your training go?

Because I do not always work in the same department or area during my apprenticeship, my tasks vary. Generally I am in the office early in the morning and start my computer first. Then I'll take care of everything that was left over from the day before. Then I check whether I have received new orders, e.g. via e-mail. Most of the time I have a short conversation with my instructor early in the morning. We discuss what is on the agenda for the day and what my tasks are. Afterwards I can work on everything independently.

I appreciate the fact that I am given responsibility even though I am still in training. This gives me the opportunity to play an active role and be of help to the company. Of course I can always ask my colleagues when something is not quite clear to me.

What do you think of the typical prejudices of commercial training. Like drinking coffee all day long and twiddling your thumbs?


(laughs) I don't even like coffee. But these stereotypes are not true in other respects either. I am very lucky that my training is quite varied and I don't have time to twiddle my thumbs. There's always something to do here. On some days I completely forget the time and am surprised that it is already noon or soon closing time.

Do you have any tips for pupils who are at the beginning of their career choice?

I think it's helpful if you explore as broad a range of options as possible. This is the best way to find out which profession suits you best.

I was very nervous at my first interview. I'm sure most people do. It helps if you are well prepared and informed about the company and the training beforehand. And at the job interview it is best to be authentic. So do not pretend, be yourself and ask questions when you do not understand something. It'll be fine.

Do you already have plans how you want to go on after the apprenticeship?

Yes, after hopefully passing my final exams, I will start the full-time vocational baccalaureate (in Germany Abitur) in August 2020 with the focus on health and social affairs. I don't know yet what I will do afterwards - whether it will be college or taking on a job. That remains to be seen.

Thank you for the interesting conversation and the insight into your training.

Irina Bucher wrote this interview herself during a stay in the Marketing and Communication department as part of her training at Leister. Silke Landtwing Corporate Communications Manager supported her with this task. We think Irina did an excellent job with the interview and thank her very much for letting us publish it. Good luck with your further training.

Are you interested in training with the Leister Group?

If you are interested in training with the Leister Group, please contact Erika Windlin, Head of Training. She is looking forward to getting to know you.