Lea Maria Michel


Apprentice Lea Maria Michel has been completing a commercial apprenticeship at Leister since August 2018.

In the interview she reveals how she likes it at Leister and why she chose this path into the professional world.

Why did you decide to do a commercial apprenticeship?

The commercial apprenticeship interested me a lot right from the beginning. Nevertheless it is important to look at and consider different professions. After I was allowed to do a trial apprenticeship at Leister, I knew that the commercial apprenticeship at Leister suited me best. That is why I subsequently applied for the apprenticeship.

What did you like in particular about the trial apprenticeship at Leister?

As already mentioned, I really liked the trial at Leister, especially because Leister operates internationally. Before starting my apprenticeship, I lived in French-speaking Switzerland for a year with a host family to improve my French. Now when I am working at the reception desk and answering calls in French, I have the opportunity to keep my knowledge up to date.

Which department you like best so far?

Until now I had only worked in purchasing and sales. However, I cannot decide on a department that I like best. To understand the interrelationships and processes, it is helpful to work in different areas.

What do you find particularly easy?

I love working at the front desk. Being in contact with customers, visitors and colleagues makes the day varied and exciting. I like it when things are chaotic and I sometimes have to work under pressure. This makes the days interesting, they pass very quickly and are never the same.

In which subject did you have the best grade so far?

I recently achieved the best mark during an online test via teams. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the English exam was held online. Surprisingly, it went quite well.

When will you be finished with your training?

In the summer of 2021 I will complete my apprenticeship here at Leister, but before that happens, I get to work in the accounting department.

What will you do after that?

If everything goes smoothly, I would like to complete the full-time vocational baccalaureate (in Germany Abitur) after completing my training. What I want to study afterwards will then become apparent.

Now, after nearly two years of your apprenticeship at Leister, would you decide to train at Leister again? If so, why?

Yes, I'd choose Leister again in a second. The work is varied and interesting. In addition, the training program includes various stays in different departments within the Leister Group. During this time, you will work in the selected department of the Leister Group and thus gain an even greater insight. These stays usually last several days or a few weeks. This allows you to get to know both your work and many new colleagues.

Thank you very much for the interesting conversation. I wish you continued success and much joy in your training. I am already keeping my fingers crossed for a successful apprenticeship.

The answers in this interview were written by Lea Maria Michel during a stay in the field of marketing and communication. Silke Landtwing supported her. Many thanks to Lea Maria for her great cooperation and for letting us publish the interview.

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