Basic training for professionals: plastic welding in tank construction

  • Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbHWuppertal/Germany
  • 27 - 28 Aug 2024
  • Construction
The practice-oriented training is aimed at application engineers, maintenance companies, site managers as well as planners and contractors interested in practical applications. Plastic welding in apparatus and tank construction involves thermally joining thermoplastic workpieces using heat and pressure. The choice of machines and equipment has a decisive influence on the quality of the weld seams. Extrusion welding machines, blowers and hot air blowers from Leister are particularly popular here because they are convincing in the two decisive factors - welding consistency and process reliability. 

Duration of the event:
1.5 days

The training is carried out in partnership with the SKZ as well as well-known manufacturers of plastic pre-materials.

Target group:
Application technicians, maintenance companies, site managers and planners and contractors interested in practical applications

Hot-gas fan welding, hot-gas draw welding, hot-gas extrusion welding, fillet weld, inside corner seam, outside corner seam, X-seam (also double V-seam), V-seam, overlap seam 

Participation fee:
395 € net/participant incl. training, materials, catering and certificate of participation
Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH
Academy Wall 36 42103 Wuppertal