Basic training for professionals: Welding plastic roofing membranes

  • Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbHWuppertal/Germany
  • 06 - 07 Feb 2024
  • Construction
The practice-oriented training is aimed at roofers, waterproofers, site managers, manufacturers of plastic roofing membranes and interested architects and planners. When waterproofing flat roofs, waterproofing membranes made of thermoplastics such as PVC, TPO and bitumen are laid. Leister has various automatic welding machines for different requirements in its range for overlap welding the roofing membranes. With the digital Leister Quality System, LQS for short, the important welding parameters of temperature, air volume and speed are not only under control, but the welding quality is also precisely documented. Participants learn how to use the full potential of the devices, machines and accessories safely and successfully.

Duration of the course:
1.5 days

Partner: The training is carried out in partnership with RAL and well-known manufacturers of roof membranes.

Target group: Roofers, waterproofers, site managers, manufacturers of synthetic roofing membranes and interested architects and planners

Applications: Welding of flat roof membranes, welding of pitched roof membranes, soldering and desoldering, bitumen welding 

Participation fee:
395 € net/participant incl. training, materials, catering and certificate of participation
Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH
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