Product repairs and warranty


Leister products are developed exclusively with high-quality materials, manufactured in Switzerland and tested several times before delivery. They should offer the owner added value and provide reliable service for many years. Nevertheless, it can happen that Leister products fail and need to be repaired.

If a Leister product is damaged or no longer functions, we are here for you. Please contact your Leister specialist at the responsible national subsidiary or the official Leister service partner in your area. If there is no direct contact for your country yet, we will process your request in Switzerland. You can find your nearest service partner via the following link.

Product repairs and warranty at a glance

We offer the following services for product repairs and warranty:

Fast Leister product repairs in the country of use

All specialists who complete repairs are trained and certified in Switzerland

Use of original Leister spare parts and suitable repair tools

Repaired products are checked for quality and adjusted professionally

Rental service for replacement products to prevent downtime

Your repair options

Whichever option is fastest and most convenient for you:

  • Send your defective Leister product to the central Leister repair center in your country.
  • Take your defective Leister product directly to your nearest Leister Service Partner.

1 Send your Leister product for repair

Whichever option is fastest and most convenient for you. We ensure that the most important spare parts are available at all times and that your repair is carried out almost immediately at the central repair center in your country.

  1. Fill out the short online form for product repairs.
  2. If necessary, add images of the area to be repaired and state your cost threshold.
  3. Send your defective Leister product to the address listed in the confirmation e-mail.
  4. Once the repair is complete, your Leister product will be sent to you immediately.

2 Bring your Leister product into the repair center

The fastest way, if you are in the immediate vicinity of one of our repair stations. Please note, however, that not all partners have the full range of spare parts in stock, which can lead to delays.

  1. Find the nearest service center using the sales and service point map.
  2. Make an appointment by phone or fill out the product repair form.
  3. Take your defective Leister product to the selected service center.
  4. Rent a replacement unit to prevent downtime.
  5. You will be contacted immediately after the repair is completed.
Which damages are repaired free of charge?

If your Leister product shows functional defects during the warranty period, the issue will be taken care of, free of charge. Warranty claims do not exist for wearing parts, such as heating elements. Furthermore, warranty claims are void if the Leister product has been improperly installed, used or modified by the customer or third parties. If repairs or modifications to the unit have not been carried out by a company of the Leister Group or a service partner certified by Leister, the warranty claims are also void.

The warranty has expired - what now?

If your Leister product has a functional defect after the warranty period has expired, you have the option of having the Leister product repaired by our specialists at the responsible national subsidiary or by an official Leister service partner at your premises. In this case, we will offer you an estimate or adhere to the cost limit you have provided. If the repair cannot be carried out within the cost limit, we reserve the right to make an offer.

Which repair option is better for me?

You are the proud owner of several Leister products and can fall back on another Leister product in the event of a repair or you can rent a replacement product. In both cases the shipping option is a good choice for you. Based on the services of your preferred shipping partner, you can set the shipment at your location and receive it back at the desired destination after the repair is completed.

In addition to shipping your Leister product, you can take it directly to one of our specialist if you work or live close to the location of the Leister national subsidiary responsible for your country or an official Leister service partner. As soon as the repair is complete, you will be contacted to pick up your Leister product or, on request, your Leister product will be sent to you.

In order to treat all our customers equally and with the usual Leister quality, we do not prioritize repair orders. The incoming orders are recorded and processed by our specialists one after the other.

The choice of the repair option is always up to you.

How long does a repair take on average?

A repair takes one week on average, excluding shipping. However, the duration of repairs is subject to strong seasonal fluctuations, as we usually receive more orders during the summer months.

Our specialists may need to order a specific spare part from Leister’s headquarters to repair your Leister product. This can lead to a longer repair time.

What can I do if the repair takes longer?

If the repair takes longer than expected, we offer a rental service at all locations of the Leister national subsidiary and with select official Leister service partners. Please note that we cannot cover the entire Leister product portfolio with the rental service. Your local Leister specialist would be happy to inform you about your options to bridge the repair gap.