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With LQS Roofing you can create professional welding reports in no time and prove the quality of your work. Simply activate the LQS roofing service via the myLeister app for your LQS-enabled Leister equipment.

The automated data recording on LQS Roofing helps you document your welding work with ease. Simply activate LQS Roofing via the myLeister app.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Since November 2021, Leister has been setting a new global standard for quality documentation of roof welding with the Wi-Fi and GPS enabled UNIROOF 700 LQS automatic welding machine.

As the person carrying out welding work, you can use the data report to document the exact location of the welds that were carried out.

Temperature, speed, air volume, voltage and GPS coordinates are automatically recorded in the welding data report.

You are sure to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements with the data report from LQS Roofing. Thanks to the tools innovative capabilities, the data report highlights potential errors, allowing you to check and fix them quickly.

The best way to start your LQS roofing subscription is via the myLeister app.

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