Leister Rental Services


Take advantage of a wide range of professional rental equipment to avoid interruptions in work, cover short-term peaks in demand or carry out special projects.

Do you need a Leister product on short notice?

To avoid interruptions at work, you have the option to rent select Leister products from our inventory. With the Leister rental service you always have the right number of Leister products on hand. It goes without saying that we always maintain the rented Leister products properly and check, clean and prepare each rental for the next time they get put to work.

Take advantage of the Leister rental service and work with the right, professional Leister product at a fixed, rental price.

Advantages of Leister’s rental service

The advantages of the Leister rental service at a glance:

Immediately available Leister products, including accessories

Simple and fast processing, according to your needs

Flexible service life

Frequently asked questions

Below you will find the frequently asked questions and our answers:
How long can I rent a Leister product?

In order to guarantee you the greatest flexibility, you can rent Leister products for as long as you need. The minimum rental period is 3 days.

The Leister product that you rented does not work properly?

All rental products are carefully checked by us before we rent them again. If something is still missing or does not work, please contact us. We will find a quick and easy solution.

How does the payment work?

Basically you pay the rental fee when you return the equipment. A deposit must be paid for the rented Leister product. The deposit will be deducted from the rental fee or refunded in full upon payment.

If the rental period exceeds one month, you will receive a monthly invoice for the rental costs from us.

What else should be considered?

As the lessee you’re promising to treat the rented Leister product with care and to use it exclusively for its intended purpose. If improper use can be proven, the costs for repair or replacement shall be fulfilled the hirer.