3D Printing or Welding

Plastic welding and 3D printing is now possible using an extruder module mounted on a robotic arm. There is already a shortage of skilled labor on production lines where precise, but often repetitive tasks are performed. Just as in manual processes, pipe junctions, containers or fittings made of PE (polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), PVDF, PVC and PC can be manufactured and connected via automation.

The new generation of mountable extruders is ideal for mounting on robot arms and three-axis portals. Plastic welding processes are automated in this way, which enables welding work to be carried out particularly precisely and quickly, while at the same time reducing personnel costs. In addition, mountable extruders are used in industries where the health risk for humans is increased.

3D printing

Extruder modules, intended to be mounted on robot arms, provide new possibilities in 3D printing. In addition to vertical printing, it is now possible to print horizontally and all other directions required. Another advantage is 3D printing in large-scale dimensions up to several meters in size, which is usually not possible with small 3D printers.