Advertising Banner Welding

Heat guns and welding machines equip users to weld various billboards, ranging from small to large sizes. The advertising materials, which are most often used on a temporary basis, allow for flexible structuring of facades and enormous freedom in design. Welding with a high accuracy of fit for lap seams, pipe welds, and hem seams as well as application of details on textile membranes; this is all made possible by the welding machines and heat guns from Leister.

Even in today’s digital world, billboards remain an important form of advertising. Modern printing and welding machines offer even more possibilities to present advertising ideas through the use of vinyl banners. From short-term advertising campaigns for events or products to banners on baseball and soccer fields, there are countless occasions where advertising ideas can be brought to life on a banner. Billboards generally use fabrics made of PVC or netting (also known as mesh fabric) made of vinyl. Sheets made of PVC are usually white, tear-resistant, flame-retardant and easy to clean. However, their weight makes them heavier and impermeable to air. This makes mesh fabric the better choice for large format banners. Large banners made of mesh fabric are particularly suitable for advertising on scaffolds and buildings since they are permeable to wind and light. Using Leister welding machines, the appropriate heat guns and suitable accessories, users can produce eye-catching, special advertising materials in no time.