Apparel Seam Sealing

Seams must be impenetrable for protective clothing, sporting and outdoor apparel. Needle stitching always leaves holes, no matter how tiny. Whether a seam is sealed with tape or two thermoplastics are welded together directly, Leister has a solution thanks to our wide range of welding machines.

Outdoor equipment and apparel

Outdoor apparel and equipment for hikers, cyclists and winter sports enthusiasts must not only be comfortable, they must be functional as well. In addition, these “functional textiles” are also worn in everyday life.


Adjusted to the respective sport, they must protect against wind and varying weather conditions, keep the body warm, maintain breathability and dry quickly. The seams of these outdoor jackets, hiking pants, softshell jackets, backpacks and tents that are suitable for the respective activity must be welded tightly and reliably with hot air, hot wedge, or sealed with tape.
Many well-known companies are now using the proven technology and reliability of Leister’s SEAMTEK welding machine. Backpacks, bags, fishing and hunting apparel, diving suits, outdoor jackets and pants are all reliably welded and waterproof sealed with Leister’s SEAMTEK.

Protective clothing

Wearing protective clothing can mean the difference between life and death. The chemicals industry, medical field, military and police have very specific requirements for their protective clothing, as well as corresponding regulations for manufacturing and care.

Tight seams save lives in these areas. Various synthetic fibers and membranes are used depending on the application. These can be thin, disposable, polyethylene suits made of nonwoven fabric that protect against particles, water-based chemicals and dusts, as well as thick, personal protective suits that completely isolate the individual from the surrounding environment. These suits also protect against exposure to radiation, chemically/bacterially contaminated environments, and they are consequently used in the event of chemical or hazardous goods accidents, epidemics and pandemics. In this case, the suit often has enough room for a respirator that is independent of the ambient air.
The protective properties of clothing must be retained for as long as possible. With the right Leister welding machine, users can produce precise and tightly sealed welds with tape, i.e. glued or alternatively welded according to requirements, in an airtight and watertight manner.