Welding Various Covers

Welding protective covers made from industrial fabrics is safe and easy with Leister automatic welders and heat guns. Weld 3D objects of all kinds, regardless if they’re for cars, boats, patio furniture or other items that require protection.

Protective covers are made to safeguard numerous items that require protection from varying weather conditions, i.e. dust, rain, snow and sun. It is possible to produce protective covers using a welding machine or a heat gun. Vehicles and machinery used in agricultural or construction sites require protective covering when they are not in use. For example, motorized boats and sailboats are protected from unfortunate contaminants like bird droppings, which would otherwise eat into the surfaces and cause damage. Patio furniture and BBQ grills are often too heavy and rigid to be stored in a garage or shed, making protective covers a desirable alternative. Thankfully, protective covers are made available in several sizes to shield various items.