Covering walls


Wall protection plates and wall coverings made of hard PVC (vinyl) are nowadays indispensable in hospitals, medical practices, rehabilitation centers and other health care facilities as well as in schools, kindergartens, production facilities and clean rooms. This is due to their outstanding technical and optical properties.

Thanks to products from Leister, the installation process is smooth and at the same time the service life of the wall covering is lengthened. After all, if the joints of the adjoining UPVC sheets are correctly thermally welded with Leister plastic welding equipment such as the HOT JET S, TRIAC AT or TRIAC ST, dirt, bacteria and germs don’t stand a chance. Backflow of cleaning fluids is also prevented.

Resistant and decorative

The antibacterial wall cladding impresses with its extremely high impact and joint resistance and thus prevents damage to the plaster and masonry. This is particularly important in corridors, stairwells and walls in schools, production sites as well as in health facilities and operating theaters.


In addition, the surfaces are extremely easy to clean and have a high resistance to disinfectants and other cleaning agents. Thanks to a variety of colors and decorations, the rooms can also be visually appealing and individually designed.

Prefabricated items

Manufacturers of these wall coverings are usually also suppliers of the elastic floor coverings used, made of plastics such as PVC (vinyl), PUR, CV, LVT. This allows the wall coverings to be connected directly to the floor coverings and welded with them. This makes cleaning easier. For edges as well as inner and outer corners, the manufacturers offer prefabricated elements. These pre-formed parts greatly reduce installation time. If they do not fit directly, the plastic panels can be thermally shaped accordingly. Leister devices such as the ELECTRON ST are also suitable for this purpose.