Wood heating is back in fashion. Using this renewable raw material for heating is CO2 neutral and, in addition to being environmentally friendly, is no more expensive than using gas or oil heating systems if handled properly.

Central heating systems can utilize different energy sources. Oil, gas, solar energy, geothermal energy and biomass can all be used as sources of heat. Besides heating individual homes with wood, several houses or entire residential areas can benefit from large-scale biomass heating.
Biomass heating is becoming increasingly relevant, particularly in well-forested areas. Unlike natural gas or oil, woodchips and pellets are a renewable raw material.

The market segments range from small heating systems in single-family homes with an output of 8-30kW, to classic log wood heating systems that heat buildings with an output of 20-50kW, pellet or woodchip heating for apartment buildings with a heating output of 15-100 kW, and woodchip and pellet heating with an output of 150-1500 kW for heating an entire residential area.

Ignition Methods for Biomass Products

Leister’s heat guns can be utilized in the ignition of biomass. Heat guns from the IGNITER series provide a fast and efficient solution for igniting biomass.


How does the ignition process actually work?
The consistency of the raw material to be burned defines the heat required for ignition. Of course, less wattage is needed to ignite woodchips and wood pellets than whole logs. Wattages as low as 200 - 400 are capable of igniting pellets. A lot of the time, this is done with a simple heating rod. Hot air can, of course, also be used in this process for efficiency. A 600 - 1100 W heat gun, such as Lesiter’s IGNITER, is perfect for this application. Woodchips, for example, are most easily ignited with a wattage of 1100 W or higher. 
The disadvantage of igniting with air is that small, light chips may be blown away. But Leister has a suitable solution to this as well: a slowly rotating 600 W motor, like the IGNITER BM 600W heat gun.

Barbecues and Fireplaces

Users can quickly and efficiently light their fireplaces, without bothering with matches. Light the logs in seconds and enjoy a toasty, romantic feel in front of the fire.


Leister hot air is the solution. Because with a hot air blower the wood in the fireplace is quickly lit - without matches or lighter.

individuals also light their barbecue in the garden. Barbecuing is very popular and the barbecue season has now extended from summer to the whole year. The barbecue charcoal is quickly and cleanly ignited with a Leister hot-air blower, without annoying barbecue lighters and dangerous fire accelerators. The BBQ becomes enjoyable without the smell of fuel and less dangerous by avoiding flash fires. And that in the record time of a few minutes.