Plastic Repairs

Many different plastics can be repaired with warm air. This includes children's slides, waste containers made of hard plastic, bumpers and many more. Simply check the type of plastic and weld with hot air. Extrusion welding machines and handy hot air blowers from Leister are suitable for this purpose.

Damage to waste containers is not covered. example, can be repaired using the portable extruder FUSION 1. For this purpose, holes in the outer wall of the containers are welded with matching plastic parts and cracks are closed with plastic wire. Repairs eliminate the high costs of new purchases and conserve natural resources such as mineral oil. At the same time, additional waste is reduced, which protects our environment.

Repairing plastic containers

Cracks in the garbage can, in the waste container or in the plastic children's slide? Broken plastic containers and objects can be quickly repaired with an extruder or hot air blower including a suitable drawing nozzle and welding rod.

In this way, municipalities can effortlessly maintain and repair waste containers or playground equipment instead of buying new ones. This protects the environment. And the resulting savings are easy on the budget. For the repair of intensively used objects made of plastics, the purchase of a hand extruder is therefore doubly worthwhile.

Repairing plastic

Many used cars and motorcycles have plastic trim strips, bumpers or rear skirts that have faded over time.

After a treatment with hot air they look like new again. This increases the resale value. With Weldy hot-air blowers from Leister, this task is completed quickly and reliably.