Pond Waterproofing

Swimming pools and garden ponds are focal points in any backyard.

In order to ensure a safe sealing system, reliable tools are needed. Ones that are not only weld perfectly, but can also work across large areas economically and ergonomically.

Garden pond liner

Many dream of a pond in their garden. A lined pond allows for individualized pond design. Even large pond areas can be realised in this way.


Unfortunately, the membrane has the potential to incur damage, making it a disadvantage as a pond liner. Membranes must firmly welded so that the pond remains securely sealed. With Leister heat guns, the appropriate welding machines and accessories for professionals, homeowners with backyard ponds will enjoy them for a long time to come.
One should carefully consider the introduction of fish and the design of the biotope. Ornamental fish require sufficient space so that the water in the pond does not overflow. Biotopes should be located in an appropriately quiet area of the garden, so that the native animals and insects are not disturbed. Tips and information about this can be found in books and on the internet. An expert on ponds and biotopes can provide advice and help implement individual projects.

Swimming pools

Swimming ponds and natural pools are not the same thing. A natural pool consists of a swimming area, which looks like an ordinary swimming pool, but has an adjacent regeneration zone. A swimming pond is more like a garden pond, but has a deeper swimming zone.

The filtration of the water is also a distinguishing feature. For example, a natural pool needs a filter that pumps the water back and forth between the regeneration zone and the pool. A swimming pond does not need a filter system if it is large and deep enough. Both variants use liner membranes for sealing. Projects on this scale represent a great challenge for laymen, but are not impossible. It is recommended that you work together with pond or pool experts who, with the appropriate Leister equipment such as hot air blowers for precision work, extruders for welding connections and professional automatic welding machines for pre-fabrication and welding of the pond liner, can make the dream of a natural pond or swimming pond come true.