Pool Waterproofing

Swimming pools are made from various materials. A swimming pool that is lined with vinyl is one option. Independent of size and position, vinyl membranes are used during pool construction. In this option, unique pools can be created based on the user’s preferences.

Long durability and tightness of the liner material are great advantages compared to materials such as tiles or paint. Over time, the surface of tiles can flake off unattractively, joints turn black and paint flakes off. The care and maintenance of swimming pools made of liner membranes is also easier and less time consuming.

Pool landscapes welded


Resorts and spa facilities are popular. Reproduced beaches with wave pool, water slides and various pool facilities will be realized. Even gigantic projects have almost no limits. With flexible geomembranes these bathing landscapes can be easily customized. The proven Leister automatic welding machines are used for welding the Geomembranes. Suitable connections and repair work can be carried out with hand extruders from Leister. This way the bathing area can cope with high user demand.

Water slides and swimming pools made of HDPE


In water parks, elements made of the plastic HDPE are used in various places. Especially for water slides and swimming pools. These are assembled from several pieces and welded together with hand extruders.

Pool covers welded

Pool covers have numerous advantages. They protected the pool from external influences and contamination by leaves and bird droppings. At the same time they prevent the water from evaporating quickly and cooling down too much.

Pool covers increase the economic efficiency, because they reduce the energy and operating costs of swimming pools. With Leister automatic welding machines and stationary welding machines, both inflatable and floating pool covers of any size and shape are produced efficiently and to a high standard of quality.