Sealing of Reservoirs and Canals


In sealing systems for water reservoirs and canals, tightness is a high priority. The sealing system is usually made of HDPE, PP, PVC or TPO material.

Welding must ensure that the material remains completely leak-proof over a long period of time. In order to ensure the safety of the sealing system, reliable equipment is required with which welding can be carried out quickly and economically. The small and handy COMET and TWINNY automatic welding machines from Leister adapt perfectly to the topography of the substrate and weld the plastic geomembranes securely and permanently. Related application areas include aquaculture and tunnel construction.

Reservoir construction

Water reservoirs are necessary to ensure the supply of drinking water even at peak consumption times. The spring, ground or sea water is collected and stored in reservoirs.

These reservoirs must be tightly welded and the liners used must have a long shelf life to prevent water seeping into the subsoil. Geomembranes are welded waterproof with Leister automatic welding machines. Testing equipment, also available from Leister, is then used to check whether the seams are tightly welded and hold.

Canal construction

Canals in this case refer to large-scale construction projects, from rainwater drainage along the motorway to a navigable canal.


In all these civil engineering projects, geomembranes are welded waterproof to protect against water loss into the subsoil or to protect against flooding by heavy rain. With Leister welding machines, large construction projects are no longer a challenge. The Leister testing equipment guarantees the welding seam integrity and the LQS system also documents the quality of every meter of Geomembrane welded. This is how Leister helps construction projects succeed.