Resilient Flooring Installation

Flexible PVC or linoleum flooring can be used virtually anywhere, from buildings to trains. In order to ensure that these floor coverings are durable and meet all legal standards/requirements, the exact laying procedure must be carried out.

Leister equipment supports floor installers in laying economical and precisely sealed floors. Regardless of whether it is a matter of flexible floors in the private or public sector. The requirements are constantly increasing. And not only in public facilities and transport, but also homeowners and tenants expect long-lasting, easy to maintain floors that look good.

Innovative floor laying

Leister invests considerable energy into the flooring industry to continuously expand its expertise, strengthen its market position and help flooring professionals increase their productivity and the quality of their floor laying abilities. With the development of new and enhanced floor welding machines and smart accessories, Leister supports flooring professionals worldwide with their physically exhausting trade.

Leister and flooring professionals, including their apprentices, benefit from active cooperation in associations and organizations such as "Boden Schweiz" [Switzerland flooring] or "Fachverband elastischer Bodenhersteller", or FEB [professional association of flexible floor manufacturers]. Leister’s experts quickly identify needs and trends and quickly turn them into reality thanks to their internal product designers and developers. It’s not by chance that Leister hot air tools are firm favorites with flooring professionals around the world.

Well sealed floors

Leister supports flooring professionals all around the world with the right devices to lay flooring efficiently, precisely and watertight, while also making them easy to clean and maintain.


This leads to germ-free, hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces being a high priority in offices. This is particularly the case on surfaces exposed to high humidity levels like the medical field, from laboratories to hospitals. In this application, Leister hot air tools are outstanding for laying hygienic baseboards, including the curved baseboard using flexible flooring material.
The thermal and durable seamed edge sealing largely prevents porous, unsealed areas. This makes PVC and linoleum flooring a good alternative to tiles and wood flooring. This also applies in particular to areas subjected to intense wear and tear, such as schools, public buildings and commercial premises, from loading areas to warehouses.